Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Preproduction Paintings

I just realized that I never actually posted this stuff on my blog. These are some early concept paintings I did for Junior year Pre-Production, as pitches for potential thesis projects. Neither of these got made, since I ended up switching to a different project over the summer, but they're both ideas I'd like to return to some day.

The first pitch was for a game called Chronomaton. It's a Lemmings-style puzzle game, where you have to control a group of robots through the inner workings of a giant clock.

Second is called Nimbus. This is a Strategy/God game in the style of Populous, where you play as an ancient weather god. The goal of the game is to gather followers and guide them to prosperity; you can reward those who follow you with bountiful harvests, and punish non-believers with droughts and storms. The conceit of this pitch was that you would get to see the village grow and advance over time, so I did to paintings of the same scene - one in an earlier, more primitive state, and the second in an advanced, thriving state.