Sunday, April 28, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different

After Best of Ringling, work on the racing game started winding down, so I had time to work on some personal projects. I set out to model Superman in the Bruce Timm Animated style.

Like this right here

This was mostly just for fun, but also to demonstrate to myself that I could in fact model a human character from scratch. The Bruce Timm style is deliberately simple and reductive, but I tried to add a little bit more detail to the muscle definition, while still keeping the overall proportions. Here is the finished ZBrush sculpt:

I don't really have the computing power at home to keep working on this over the summer, but I do intend to take him into UDK, and see if I can set up the cloth simulation to run on his cape and animate him punching stuff, breaking through chains, and other Superman-y things.