Sunday, April 28, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different

After Best of Ringling, work on the racing game started winding down, so I had time to work on some personal projects. I set out to model Superman in the Bruce Timm Animated style.

Like this right here

This was mostly just for fun, but also to demonstrate to myself that I could in fact model a human character from scratch. The Bruce Timm style is deliberately simple and reductive, but I tried to add a little bit more detail to the muscle definition, while still keeping the overall proportions. Here is the finished ZBrush sculpt:

I don't really have the computing power at home to keep working on this over the summer, but I do intend to take him into UDK, and see if I can set up the cloth simulation to run on his cape and animate him punching stuff, breaking through chains, and other Superman-y things.

Final Hero Assets

Here are the final versions for my character and car.

Video Turnaround

Walk Cycle

The Car

Racing Game Final Screenshots

Here are some screenshots from the final version of my racing game level:

I was responsible for the design and layout of the level, set-dressing and lighting, and all of the models and textures EXCEPT FOR:
  • the brick-tiled walls and graffiti, and those little round lights on the edges of the brick walls
  • the power lines
  • the round concrete pillars, ceiling girders and parking space decals in the garage
  • the trees
  • the water material
  • the arrows that look like this:

Those assets were borrowed from other students packages for the sake of time. Everything else was done by me.

Racing Game Final Video

Here's my final attract video/trailer for Sophomore Spin-Out 2013!

And here's another video I made for the game. It's a simple montage reel of some of the cars. This plays occasionally behind the level select screen or when the game goes into 'standby'.

A Long Expected Update

Here's something from a while ago that I forgot to post: it's a demo for a breakable crate with a collectible inside it. This didn't end up making it into the racing game, but I still thought it was neat.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Racing Game Attract Video - Research

Researching arcade attract videos in preparation for making my own. Here's the video from Time Crisis II. Did you know Time Crisis had a plot? Me neither.

Tekken 3:

Dead Heat: