Sunday, January 13, 2013

Racing Game Stunts - Brainstorm

Here are some ideas for cool things I could make for the racing game.

1. A loop-the-loop that twists back around halfway and launches you onto a higher track

2. A half-pipe that would let players pass other cars

3. Giant pillars that shoot out of the ground as you're driving.

4. A mini ramp that bumps you onto two wheels to fit through tight gaps.

5. A big springboard that launches you onto a higher platform.

6. A gigantic Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark-style boulder that crushes other cars, and is controlled by driving backwards on top of it.

7. A revolving door.

8. Perpendicular ramps.

9. A piece of track that rotates while you're on it and drops you off going in a different direction.

10. Portals.

11. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge.