Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Print and Play Final

My print and play game is finally completed. You can download and play it here.

Here are a bunch of lovely pictures of the "official" version of the game.

I set up the box cover in Photoshop and pasted it around a blank cardboard box I bought online.

I added a vinyl logo to a black satin bag to hold the pieces.

Rulebook made-up to look like an old-style alchemy text.

I was fortunate enough to be able to get the board printed onto aluminum, making it durable, professional-looking, and thematically appropriate.

The pieces are quarter-inch plywood underneath. I printed the designs on vinyl and pasted them on, and wrapped the edges in vinyl as well. I used a rough canson paper to substitute for felt on the bottom, which helped the pieces slide more easily on the aluminum board.

And here are some lovely people enjoying the game.

Response to my game overall has been very positive. Everyone agrees that the rules are confusing and intimidating at first. Most people agree that it's worth it once you get into the game, and that the mechanics are actually pretty simple, just somewhat counter-intuitive.

The only thing that was more fun than putting the game together was watching people get lost in it. That was satisfying.